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“This "Menopause Mama" Doesn't Have Hot Flashes,
She Has Power Surges”

“She is gutsy, playful, talented, hot-headed and kick-ass courageous as she shuffles on stage belting out "Miss Celie's blues" (written by Quincy Jones for The Color Purple). It's a song about"shuffling down the lonesome road." Calling out to her sisters, Weaver tells them, "We've been hookers, presidents, doctors and activists and there is nothing under the sun we can't do," she sings. "We have seen a lot of suns gone down but we still got plenty of time."
In pink pants and a pink top, a straw hat with a rose on top, an ample bosom, sexy and comfortable in her middle-age body, Weaver looks like she has a whole lot of time left, to share with us, through her various characters, what she has learned from the struggles in her own life. And (thank God) she does it with humor, dabbing her face with a handkerchief, giving us lessons in the proper use of a fan and how to snap it open before handing some out to likely looking menopausal-age sisters in the audience. (Like me, but I'm ok with it, baby!)”
Virginia Treherne-Thomas, Theater New England, 2003 (Full Article: This "Menopause Mama" Doesn't Have Hot Flashes, She Has Power Surges, .pdf format)

Providence Journal...a celebration of the natural and unstoppable process of aging

Channing Gray, Providence Journal, May 30, 2003 (Full Article: Rose Weaver's Menopause Mama CAN Dance, .pdf format)

Providence PhoenixProvidence Phoenix

Them changes: Rose Weaver's Masterful Menopause Mama (.pdf format) by Johnette Rodriguez, June 25, 2004

“Weaver, 55, metamorphosed from middle-aged woman to young school girl or aging man, with the use of a few simple props, a creative change of voice, and some interesting headwear. "It's all out of the closet now," said Weaver, dressed as "mama," a soulful, brazen woman in the throes of menopause.”

“She covered it all -- hot flashes, lubricants, chocolate cravings, sagging breasts and the difference between "fact and fable" -- in an in-your-face style reminiscent of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues."

A polished gem of a glowing theatrical piece. Don't miss it!

Don Fowler
RI Ring Papers

“The story weaves around an invented petition, which asks its signers for four things: A single aisle at the grocery store for menopause-related items (older women on the covers of all the fashion mags), education about women's health that focuses on fact instead of fiction, "for men to just say IT," and for women to be referred to with respect.”

“Weaver said she hopes to see "pro-aging" items on store shelves. She may buy anti-aging cream and special vitamins during and after menopause, she says, but there's no reason that she should have to feel bad about herself while she's doing it. To prove it, "mama" lovingly slaps a little of her underarm flab on stage.”

“So hats off (or on) to you Ms. Weaver for being you and for taking an uncompromising and celebratory view of a subject that is often swept under the rug. As a true artist, we thank you for accepting, exploring and celebrating the second half of your life and giving us the gift of looking at ourselves differently.”

Waterford Times
Waterford Times
Red-Hot Menopause Mama
(.pdf format) by Julie Wernau, November 2004

The show, like Ms. Weaver herself, is nothing short of simply sensational. 

- Bill Oates, East Bay Newspapers

"'Menopause Mama' truly has the heart and soul to become a national touring sensation. Weaver's acting, storytelling and singing abilities are put to the test for this performance and she passes with flying colors. Each song in this performance is catchy and worthy of its own soundtrack. I highly recommend this performance for anyone - mother and daughter, husband and wife, female friends out on the town." Kerri Kanelos,

Bermuda Sun
The Bermuda Sun
Weaver promises 'Menopause Mama' will be 'compelling and hilarious' by Leah Furbert, July 8, 2005

Providence Phoenix
Circle of Life: Rose Weaver’s Menopause Mama by Johnette Rodriguez, May 23 - 29, 2003


Woonsocket Call

"Weaver lights up the stage with her personality and warmth."

Kathie Raleigh, Woonsocket Call, June 6, 2003 (Full article: Rose Weaver is author, actor and star)


"This is a virtuosic performance. Weaver has the rare ability to prompt laughter that turns into tears. And when she sings, hearts break and angels cry." - Patti Hartigan, Boston Globe, review of Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill

"Super Rose Weaver, tops in voice and dancing among the array, charges 'Oh, Diogenes' like a wonderfully tempered dynamo." - Edwin Safford, Providence Journal, review of The Boys from Syracuse

"Rose Weaver is superb, which is not surprising to anyone who has followed Rose Weaver's Menopause Mamaher career at Trinity or on the local jazz scene. Side by Side allows her to demonstrate another side of her talents, this time as a comedienne. She proves to be first-rate funny." - Barry Fain, Nightside, review of Side by Side by Sondheim

"Rose Weaver changes costumes so quickly you think there must be a phone booth backstage. But whether she's a pregnant Irish maid, doing a wonderful parody of a sexy secretary or delivering some of Loomer's most telling lines … Weaver is a consistent strength." - William Gale, Providence Journal, review of The Waiting Room

"Ranging from the fun of 'Shake That Thing' (and does she ever shake) to an absolutely flawless rendition of 'Am I Blue' … Weaver is the consummate artist. … Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to see one of today's great performers pay her own special tribute to Ethel Waters." - Aslan Brooke, Frontiers After Dark, review of Shake That Thing

"Jazz stylist Rose Weaver … is a singer whose voice can range from the sensuously mellow to the brassily razzmatazz, all in the same song … Her voice is wonderful." - Michael Janusonis, Providence Journal

"Miss Weaver took a delighted audience ranging in age from six to sixty through a repertoire that ranged from George Gershwin to Teddy Pendergast." - Doug Allen, Providence Journal

"Your talent as a vocalist is extraordinary." - Ron della Chiesa, WGBH Radio


(Promotional flyer with critics' quotes in .pdf format.)



"Rose Weaver's Menopause Mama will take you on a journey that is poignant, funny and inspiring. We can gain strength and support from these stories of midlife women." - Carol Landau, Ph.D, Author, The Complete Book of Menopause and Every Woman's Guide to Good Health, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown Medical School

"Say farewell to shame-filled whispers about menopause! In her extraordinary Menopause Mama, Rose Weaver uses her beautiful voice and dramatic flair to help us understand, appreciate, and laugh at the change of life." - Barbara Flinker Ruttenberg, Special Education Mediator, Women's Prison Mentor

"During your performance I laughed and found great sorrow in the stories you shared. (Menopause Mama is) a powerful (way) to deliver your message to women experiencing similar situations. Your performance came at such a great time in my life." - Kathy M, early 50s, social worker

"You were terrific at last night's performance. This is such an important piece of work. You are consistently brave and witty and incisively intelligent and profoundly and lovingly humane and human." - Paula Caplan, PhD, author of The New Don't Blame Mother: Mending the Mother-Daughter Relationship, Visiting Scholar at the Pembroke Center, Brown University

"Why we need Menopause Mama: I need support to make it through this change of life, which at times is fabulous and awesome and at other times promotes fear. I like the idea of sharing, of being part of Menopause Mama." - Maya Breuer, 53, Kirpalu Certified Yoga Teacher

"Your voice, your timing, and your ability to present different characters are all amazing. I particularly found the episode where you used your feet as drums to be emotionally gripping." - Dr. Carolyn Swift

Rose Weaver's Menopause MamaMy daughter Kate went to a career day at her college this past year and met Rose Weaver, an actress, singer, and playwright whose work is well-respected in the Providence, Rhode Island and Brown University communities. Rose told Kate about the one-woman show she wrote and acts in entitled “Menopause Mama.” As it turns out, my work had been a major source of inspiration for Rose’s play. When Kate told me about this, I felt that we ought to make an effort to go see “Menopause Mama.” And am I ever glad we did!
     “Menopause Mama” is, first and foremost, a wonderful theatrical experience, regardless of whether or not you have any interest in menopause and whether or not you’re female (the men in the audience enjoyed the show as much as the women). Rose Weaver’s singing and acting are as good as it gets. Whether playing a 13-year-old girl just coming to grips with her changing body or an old woman full of the wisdom that only comes with age, Rose Weaver is utterly delightful and convincing. I was moved to tears, sitting in the audience, watching Rose make art and music out of the essence of my life’s work about women’s wisdom and women’s bodies.
      Happily, “Menopause Mama” has been so popular that it has been held over at the Perishable Theater in Providence through August 17th. I’m hoping that the show will eventually go on the road and tour the country, in the same way as the “Vagina Monologues.” Until that happens, however, do yourself a favor: If you’re going to be in the Northeast this summer, make an effort to get to Providence to see “Menopause Mama.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and I guarantee that you’ll have a magnificent and health-enhancing evening.
- Christiane Northrup, MD

"We thoroughly enjoyed Rose Weaver's performance of Menopause Mama at our Women's Heart Health Program. So much so, that we would like to ask her to perform at our 12th annual Women's Wellness Workshop at Bryant College. We would like to invite Rose to perform two 50 minute performances. One at 11:30am and one at 12:45pm. We expect 500 women to attend (250 at each performance). All three major TV stations will be there as well as WSNE radio." - Marcia Weiss, Director, Lifespan Community Health Programs.


"Rose Weaver is phenomenal! Menopause Mama is a candid and demystifying exposition of the physical and emotional changes that women experience in life. A must see by women, men and their significant others!" - Jorge E. Garcia, MPH, Office of Minority Health, Rhode Island Department of Health


Rose Weaver's Menopause Mama

"Rose, you were fabulous, awesome and brilliant! I saw the show at Perishable [Theatre] with my Mother Lorenda Taylor. Let me tell you, girlfriend, you hit everything right on the nose, especially about us black women and the trials and tribulations we endure daily. I will be 37 in November and child, I know that the menopause has already started messing with me. My kids call me 'Yelly, yelly' smile. I just wanted to give you the shout out you deserved. You go, girl. Love and blessings." - Todashia Taylor

"This would be great for mothers and daughters to see together."
- Woman, 21

"Rose, I've followed your work throughout your career. You were great tonight!" - Man, 49

"What I like about it is that there's something in it for men, too."- Woman, 47

"I didn't know women went through this stuff!" - Young man, 19

"I want to know when this is going to happen again. I want to bring my mother." - Young woman, 22

"It reads like it's somewhere between For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Not Enough and Vagina Monologues." - Young woman, 20


(Promotional flyer with audience quotes in .pdf format.)