Set Placement

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Menopause Mama Set

Backdrop-travels with actor or shipped

7’ 16’    
Coat Rack—travels with actor or shipped 6’ 2’ x 2’ base in 2 pieces  
Drop Cloth-travels with actor or shipped. Must
be taped to floor before performance
  16’ 16’   16’ 16’
Bench 15” Actor needs to stand on
bench and straddle
4’ 1’ .33”
Stool 2’ 3” 18” x 15 ½” base 9” 9”
Black Prop Table   SMALL SMALL SMALL
Onstage prop table w/3 levels 2’ .66”      
Behind screen prop table w/3 levels        

NOTE: We do not use the frame shown above in front of the backdrop, only the backdrop.

Menopause Mama Set Pieces

2 Prop Tables with

3 shelves each

• We do not use frame in front of backdrop
• Coat rack travels with talent or shipped
• Back drop travels with talent or shipped
• Floor drop cloth travels with talent or shipped
• Please see set piece dimensions on reverse side
• Please try to match colors & style as best as you
Medium black
prop table
Backdrop on pole
Menopause Mama Set Pieces


Labor Requirements (HTML, .pdf)
Set Placement (HTML, .pdf)
Technical Rider (HTML, .pdf)